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Our data collection procedures supported by the cutting edge artificial intelligence not only helps us to collect data, but also analyze them in order to create Actionable Intelligence which in term helps our clients to monitor and take action against security issues.

our capabilities our capabilities

The capabilities of Socian Ltd are multidimensional. Socian Ltd provides the following kind of services both individually and also through their platform,


Socian Visual Analysis Visual Analysis

Visual Analysis comes with capturing the real time video feed from different sources and processing them. Our fast and agile artificial intelligence not only collects, but also analyzes the data in real time. Socian Visual Analysis Module includes a number of components.

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Facial Recognition:
Based on all the previously captured photographs of known criminals, finding them from all the active security feeds in real time. Whenever a criminal pops read more
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Crime/Event Detection from CCTV:
If a crime is in progress or any anomaly is occurring and is captured in any security feed, our platform will give real time alarm to security agencies so read more
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Recent Criminals:
After a crime is done or a case is filed, the criminals normally flee the area, city or country. Once they go out of reach, it takes aread more
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Crime Heat Map:
Based on all the security camera feed, if there is any behavior change in any area, for example, people gathering out of nowhere, read more
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Vehicle Identification:
Which vehicle is going where, can be easily identified using Socian’s Visual Analysis using different security camera feed. Also, if the read more
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User Verification:
We all know the story of withdrawing money from ATM booths by using otherpeople's credit card or using other people's cheque to withdraw read more
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Suspicious Object Detection:
If any terrorist or any people leave any bag, trunk, wallet or anything unexpected in the middle of somewhere, then Socian’s Visual read more

Socian textual Analysis Textual Analysis

Textual Analysis works with analyzing all the raw texts into valuable data. Doesn't matter in which format the texts are on, textual analysis does its magic and finds meaningful, usable and business data out of the texts. Socian AI works to make sure that the textual data in question can be analyzed properly in order to figure out different aspects like sentiment, value and other attributes associated to the application. Socian Textual Analysis

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Sentiment Analysis:
On Social Media and Digital Media, Peta Bytes of raw texts are generated. But all of them are meaningless if they are not converted into something read more
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Topic (Keyword) Extraction:
Extracting relevant keyword from raw text to identify desired words. Doesn't matter if it is Bengali, Mixed Bengali, Romanized Bengali, ShortenedvRomanized Bengali read more
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Irony / Sarcasm Detection:
If any irony or sarcasm is available in any text, the AI of Socian automatically detects them and marks them for further intervene. Based read more
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Financial State Detection:
Based on the posts made in Social Media, determining the Financial condition of a person and dividing them in categories. Based on the financial data read more
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Behavior Analysis:
Based on different text available on Social Media, Digital Media and Print Media, finding common pattern and trends that are happening and finding upcoming read more
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Geo Location Mapping:
Based on all the articles and posts related to crime, mapping different areas based on their being prone to crimes. Based on that pattern, Law agencies can deploy their read more
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News Analyzer:
Analyzing different news and adding clustered search in them to aggregate data from all the newspapers, blogs and forums of the country so that data can be grabbed read more

Socian speech Analysis Speech Analysis

Speech Analysis involves processing the human speech in real time or at a later date and finding relevant information from there. Understanding and recognizing speech is a very necessary attributefor proper detection of actionable intelligence. Socian Speech Analysis Module includes the following attributes.

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Speech Recognition:
In total, there are 47 different dialects of Bengali spoken in different parts of Bangladesh and West Bengal of India. Each of these dialects differs from each other and some read more
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Tonality Analysis:
Whether you are speaking to anyone in angry tone, or normal tone or calm tone, whether you are trying to make any party happy with your false pretentious words or read more
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Speaker Identification:
In many cases, people or criminals have a tendency to change their phones or SIM Cards and it ultimately becomes very difficult to trace them in real life from read more
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Alarming Word Detection (from Speech):
Whenever any alarming or menacing word is used in any conversation, it is possible to detect them in real time and notify concerned authority when read more
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Stress Analysis:
Whenever we are talking with someone or over the phone, our vocal spectrogram changes. And there are certain changes whenever someone lies in any read more
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Call Center Analysis:
Whenever a citizen calls for the services of Govt agencies, i,e: 999 or any other ministerial call centers, it is also very important to measure and monitor the behavior read more

Socian Cyber Analysis Cyber Analysis

Socian Cyber Analysis is a combination of cutting edge technologies that provides top of the line network security and counter intelligence and surveillance based products. Socian Cyber Analysis module includes the following components

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Network Penetration (Honeypot):
Doesn’t matter if the PC is connected to any LAN or Router, securing the penetration so that the network is safe read more
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Securing for Remote Access:
Securing from gaining access to any targeted computer from different location using Socian Technology and read more
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Server & Client Side Vulnerability Test:
Attacking any server to gain access to data and also getting control of that server. Also attacking read more
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Mobile IMSI Catcher:
Turning your mobile phone into IMSI Catcher and gaining access to nearby phone calls and SMS are read more
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Mobile Fake Access Point Security:
Saving your mobile devices from Fake Access Points and honeypots so that you are always safe and secured read more
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Exploit development:
Helping in detecting different exploits before it is too late and you lose lots of important data in the process read more
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ISP Monitoring:
Analyzing all the ISPs of the country from a central server and locating all the IPs that are read more

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